Novatek NT98560M is a highly-integrated SoC with high image quality, low bitrate, low powerconsumption, targets on 2Mp t

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Novatek NT98560M is a highly-integrated SoC with high image quality, low bitrate, low power

consumption, targets on 2Mp to 4Mp Edge-IP camera application. The SoC integrates ARM Cortex A9

CPU core, new generation ISP, H.265/H.264 video compression codec, high performance hardware

DLA module, graphic engine, display controller, Ethernet PHY, USB 2.0 Host/Device, audio codec,

RTC and SD/SDIO 3.0 to provide best cost performance Edge-IP camera solution. 

◼ High Performance 32-bit CPU

¨ Single Core ARM® Cortex™ - A9

¨ NEON™ and FPU acceleration

¨ 32 KB instruction cache, 32 KB data cache and 128 KB L2 cache

¨ Embedded ICE makes firmware debugging easier

◼ Power Management features

¨ Firmware configurable operating frequency of each functional block to meet best power budget

◼ Integrated Clock Generator

¨ Internal PLL with spread spectrum capability

¨ 12MHz system

¨ 32768Hz RTC oscillator

◼ Scalable Memory Bus Architecture

¨ NT98562M: SIP 512Mb DDR2L DRAM


◼ Sensor Interface Engine

¨ Support high speed serial interface like MIPI/ sub-LVDS /HiSPi up to 4 channels and 2 clocks for

most commercial CMOS sensors.

¨ Support parallel sensor interface for most commercial CMOS sensors. ¨ Support 12-bit sensor data input

¨ Support HDR sensor composition such as SONY DOL mode and Omnivision staggered mode

¨ Support companding HDR sensor

¨ Built-in color pattern generation

¨ Sensor black level clamping

¨ Efficient defect concealment algorithm

¨ Flexible image analysis flow for AE, AWB and AF purpose

¨ Programmable histogram analysis

¨ In-pipeline color shading compensation technology

¨ Support EIS with gyro-sensor input

¨ Support RGBIr4x4, RCCB format

¨ Support up to 5Mp30 or 150M pixel/sec for typical case

¨ Support up to 4Mp60 or 240M pixel/sec for Sensor HDR case

¨ Support up to 1 HDR sensor with 2 frames

¨ Support h/w motion detection to wake up system

¨ Support additional digital gain up to 256x

¨ Support DVS sensor

¨ Support Bayer scaling down

◼ Image Processing Engine

¨ Support up to 5Mp30 or 150M pixel/sec for typical case

¨ Advanced image pipeline architecture for multi-purpose hardware acceleration

¨ Support online mode direct from Sensor Interface Engine

¨ Support bayer input compression

¨ Support YUV output compression

¨ Support 2 frames HDR with ghost reduction

¨ Support crop and H/V flip

¨ Support dynamic defect pixel concealment

¨ Powerful temporal and spatial noise reduction technology

¨ In-pipeline lens shading compensation technology

¨ Support radial crop ¨ Wide dynamic range (WDR) for global/local illumination enhancement

¨ Proprietary advanced anti-alias CFA color interpolation for Bayer

¨ False color suppression

¨ In-pipeline geometric distortion correction

¨ In-pipeline color aberration correction

¨ R/G/B Gamma LUT

¨ Advanced edge rendering control and continuity enhancement

¨ Specific color control technology (Patented) ¨ Brightness/contrast and hue/saturation adjustment

¨ High precision color correction matrix for sRGB or specific color requirement

¨ Support defog function

¨ Support purple fringe reduction

¨ Support advanced motion compensated temporal filtering (TMNR3) for efficient video noise


¨ Support local contrast enhancement

¨ Support YUYV422 format output

◼ Image Manipulation Engine ¨ High quality anti-aliasing scaling engine from 1/16x to 16x

¨ Support 3 sets scaling output

¨ Support 4 sets data stamp

¨ Support 8 sets privacy mask

◼ Computer Vision Acceleration

¨ IVE General intelligent video analysis operation

¨ DIS Digital image stabilization and object tracking engine

¨ MDBC Motion detection and background construction engine

◼ LCD Display

¨ High performance scaling up/down engine, programmable gamma correction, color transform and

color management for LCD display

¨ Two video windows(YUV422 / YUV420 UVPack)

¨ One OSD windows(8bit palette with alpha plane / ARGB4444 / ARGB1555 / ARGB8565 /


¨ Programmable width & height to meet LCD resolution exactly

¨ Support digital LCD for 8bit-Serial-RGB, 6bit-Serial-RGB, 8bit-Serial-YUV

¨ Support RGB565/RGB666 parallel interface.

¨ Support 16-bit RGB interface.

¨ Support Flip function

¨ Support rectangle about 16 (Face detection rectangle)sets with global alpha

¨ Support output YUV (422/420) data to dram(not including data in video2 path)

¨ Support digital interface

BT.601(CCIR601_8b&CCIR601_16b)/BT.656(CCIR656_8b)/BT.1120(CCIR656_16b) output

port(8bits Double-Data-Rate capable)

3.3V / 1.8V LCD / Digital video out