Novatek NT98528 is a highly-integrated SoC with high image quality, low bitrate, low power consumption, targets on 4Kp

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Novatek NT98528 is a highly-integrated SoC with high image quality, low bitrate, low power

consumption, targets on 4Kp Edge-Computing IP camera application. The SoC integrates ARM Dual

Cortex A9 CPU core, new generation ISP, H.265/H.264 video compression codec, high performance

hardware DLA module, graphic engine, display controller, Ethernet PHY, USB 2.0 Host/Device, audio

codec, RTC and SD/SDIO 3.0 to provide best cost performance Edge-Computing IP camera solution. 

High Performance 32-bit CPU

¨ Dual Core ARM® Cortex™ A9

¨ NEON™ and FPU acceleration

¨ 32 KB instruction cache, 32 KB data cache and 256 KB L2 cache

¨ Embedded ICE makes firmware debugging easier

Power Management features

¨ Firmware configurable operating frequency of each functional block to meet best power budget

Integrated Clock Generator

¨ Internal PLL with spread spectrum capability

¨ 12MHz system

¨ 32768Hz RTC oscillator

Scalable Memory Bus Architecture

¨ Two 16-bits DDR3/3L SDRAM interface, supporting up to 4Gb+4Gb

¨ DRAM operating data rate up to DDR3/DDR3L 2133

¨ Sensor Interface Engine

¨ Support high speed serial interface like MIPI(1.5G)/ sub-LVDS /HiSPi(1G) up to 4 channels and 2

clocks for most commercial CMOS sensors including Sony, Panasonic, Onsemi, Samsung, Sharp

and Omnivision, etc.

¨ Support parallel sensor interface for most commercial CMOS sensors including Aptina and


¨ Support max. 2 BT.601/656(8-bit)/BT.1120 video input

¨ Support 12-bit sensor data input

¨ Support 2 HDR sensor composition such as SONY DOL mode and Omnivision staggered mode

¨ Support companding HDR sensor

¨ Built-in color pattern generation

¨ Sensor black level clamping

¨ Efficient defect concealment algorithm

¨ Flexible image analysis flow for AE, AWB and AF purpose

¨ Programmable histogram analysis

¨ In-pipeline color shading compensation technology

¨ Support EIS with gyro-sensor input

¨ Support RGBIr4x4, RCCB format

¨ Support up to 8Mp30 or 240M pixel/sec for typical case

¨ Support up to 8Mp60 or 480M pixel/sec for single sensor HDR case

¨ Support up to 2 HDR sensor with 2 frames each

¨ Support h/w motion detection to wake up system

¨ Support additional digital gain up to 256x

¨ Image Processing Engine

¨ Support up to 8Mp30 or 240M pixel/sec for typical case

¨ Advanced image pipeline architecture for multi-purpose hardware acceleration

¨ Support on-line mode direct from Sensor Interface Engine

¨ Support bayer input compression

¨ Support YUV output compression

¨ Support 2 frames HDR with ghost reduction

¨ Support crop and H/V flip

¨ Support dynamic defect pixel concealment

¨ Powerful temporal and spatial noise reduction technology

¨ In-pipeline lens shading compensation technology

¨ Support radial crop

¨ Wide dynamic range (WDR) for global/local illumination enhancement

¨ Proprietary advanced anti-alias CFA color interpolation for Bayer and RGBIr4x4

¨ False color suppression

¨ In-pipeline geometric distortion correction

¨ In-pipeline color aberration correction

¨ R/G/B Gamma LUT

¨ Advanced edge rendering control and continuity enhancement

¨ Specific color control technology (Patented)

¨ Brightness/contrast and hue/saturation adjustment

¨ High precision color correction matrix for sRGB or specific color requirement

¨ Support defog function

¨ Support purple fringe reduction

¨ Support advanced motion compensated temporal filtering (MCTF) for efficient video noise


¨ Support local contrast enhancement

¨ Image Manipulation Engine

¨ High quality anti-aliasing scaling engine from 1/16x to 16x

¨ Support 3 sets scaling output

¨ Support 4 sets data stamp

¨ Support 8 sets privacy mask

¨ DLA module

¨ DLA engine with computing power up to 1.5 TOPS

¨ NUE Network utility engine to accelerate pre-processing and classification tasks

¨ NUE2 Network utility engine to accelerate post-processing and classification tasks

¨ Computer Vision Acceleration

¨ IVE General intelligent video analysis operation

¨ DIS Digital image stabilization and object tracking engine

¨ MDBC Motion detection and background construction engine

LCD Display

¨ High performance scaling up/down engine, programmable gamma correction, color transform and

color management for LCD display

¨ Two video windows(YUV422 / YUV420 UVPack)

¨ One OSD windows(8bit palette with alpha plane / ARGB4444 / ARGB1555 / ARGB8565 /


¨ Programmable width & height to meet LCD resolution exactly

¨ Support digital LCD for 8bit-Serial-RGB, 6bit-Serial-RGB, 8bit-Serial-YUV, MIPI-DSI

interface(1/2/4 data lane & 1 clock lane)

¨ Support RGB565/RGB666 parallel interface.

¨ Support 16-bit RGB interface.

¨ Support Flip function

¨ Support rectangle about 16 (Face detection rectangle)sets with global alpha

¨ Support output YUV (422/420) data to dram(not including data in video2 path)

¨ Support digital interface

BT.601(CCIR601_8b&CCIR601_16b)/BT.656(CCIR656_8b)/BT.1120(CCIR656_16b) output

port(8bits Double-Data-Rate capable)

¨ 3.3V / 1.8V LCD / Digital video out

¨ Graphic Engine

¨ Geometric operation including mirror, flip and rotation

¨ Arithmetic operation including addition, subtraction, color keying, logic operation and alpha


¨ OSD blending on YUV

¨ RGB invert

¨ Support anti-alias affine transform

¨ True Random Number Generator

¨ Generate true random number

¨ 32-bits Random number generator

¨ Video CODEC

¨ Support H.264/AVC codec BP/MP/HP, level 5.1

¨ Support H.265/HEVC codec MP, level 5.0

¨ Support multi-channel encoding and decoding with performance up to 8-megapixel@30fps

¨ Support picture resolutions up to 5120x5120 Support low latency video encoding and decoding

¨ Support CBR, VBR and Macro block QP table

¨ Support adaptive quantization

¨ Support frame rotation by 90, 180 and 270 degrees

¨ Support ROI (10 sets) enhancing picture quality

¨ Support OSG function

¨ Support video format MP4, AVI, MOV

¨ Support full frame still capture while video recording


¨ AAC encode / decode (32KHz, 48KHz @ 192kbps)

¨ ADPCM /G.711 / G.726

¨ AEC / ANR and ALC


¨ stereo 16-bits ADC audio recording

¨ stereo 16-bits DAC audio playback (only mono output)

¨ Programmable ALC / Noise Gate (for recording)

¨ Audio sampling rate : 8k, 11.025k, 12k, 16k, 22.05k, 24k, 32k, 44.1k, 48kHz

¨ Support dual microphone inputs

¨ Support 4-channel Digital microphone (MEMS-microphone) inputs


¨ Supports Motion JPEG 5 megapixel@30fps encoding

¨ Max. pixel clock 240Mpixel / sec

¨ Support ISO/IEC 10918-1 baseline JPEG compression/decompression.

¨ Still image maximum resolutions will be up to 65536x65536 pixels

¨ Support input format: 420, 211

¨ Support Encode/Decode mode, rotate 90, 180, 270 degree (only 420 format)

¨ JPEG supports downloadable Quantization and Huffman tables

¨ Support Exchangeable Image File format (EXIF 2.2.3 and newer)

Digital Audio Interface

¨ Support I2S codec interface

¨ Audio clock generator

Dual Graphic-based OSD (OSG)

¨ Support 1/2/4-bit palette and ARGB(1555/4444/8888) & RGB565 format / Color key

¨ Support 2 layers OSD

¨ Fixed OSD layer priority (top to down: OSD1->OSD2->Image)

¨ Support max. size up to 2624x2624(H.264/H.265) per layer(depend on encoder)

¨ Support Codec video encode OSD function

¨ Support up to 16 regions per layer, all regions can’t overlap inside a layer and one macro-block

can’t have two or more regions inside a layer.

¨ Support Pixel alpha (ARGB1555, ARGB4444, ARGB8888 and Palette) and Global alpha


¨ Support OSD QP

Storage Memory Controller

¨ Secure Digital card and SDIO

¨ Support SD 3.0

¨ Support UHS-I: UHS50 (Max. freq. 96MHz)

¨ Support SPI-NAND and SPI-NOR flash

¨ Support eMMC v4.41 interface


¨ Fully compliant with USB2.0 device/host (1 set)

¨ Support Control / Isochronous / Interrupt and Bulk transfer

¨ Support PC camera mode


¨ RTC can be powered by separate backup battery and operating from 1.5V to 3.3V

¨ Watch dog timer

¨ 20 programmable HW timers support resolution up to 3MHz and 32 bits counter

Peripheral Interface

¨ Support I2C interface (3 set )

¨ Support 12 channels PWM including built-in 2 (2 sets) pattern generators for µ-Stepping motor  


¨ Support GPIO and flexible PWM interface with micro-stepping

¨ Support programmable 3-wired serial interface (with DMA transfer)

¨ Support SPI interface (only PIO)

¨ Dedicated SPI for gyroscope reading(only PIO)

¨ Support NFC & BLE4.0 interface

¨ Support UART interface (3 set, 1 with PIO and 2/3 with DMA transfer and support RS485


¨ Support Remote interface

¨ Support 4 channels of 9-bit ADC, the max. sample rate up to 12.5 KHz per channel(one is

thermal channel)

¨ Embeded Ethernet 10M/100M/1000M MAC and support RMII/RGMII interface. PHY clock output

and TSO/UFO acceleration for reducing CPU usage.

¨ Embedded Ethernet PHY, Fully compliant with 100BASE-TX, and 10BASE-T PMD level

standards (IEEE 802.3, 802.3u)

¨ Embedded temperature sensor for obtaining the internal chip temperature.

On-chip Boot Strap Loader

¨ Built-in on-chip mask ROM

¨ User program can be stored in NAND-type flash and external static memory is not necessary

¨ On-chip mask ROM can be disabled

¨ System can boot from SPI NOR/ NAND flash, memory cards, eMMC, Ethernet

Triple Voltage Power Supply

¨ 0.9V core logic voltage

¨ 1.5V DDR3, 1.35V DDR3L

¨ 3.3V I/O interface and analog circuit voltage


¨ NT98528BG: 361ball HS-TFBGA, 13x13 mm^2