Panorama Application

Panoramic Camera in VR Field (2017-08-28)

Current popular imaging devices (including video camera, sports DV, automobile data recorder, mobile phone) are using the single sensor + single lens imaging solution, which has two big problems:

1) The view angle is limited, depending on the imaging angle of the single lens, the maximum is not more than 180 degrees (with fisheye lens).

2) The resolution is limited, subject to the image pixel of a single sensor and currently has the maximum 4k (8 megapixel).

But in a very large number of video applications, users want a wider range of imaging vision and higher resolution.

Adopt multiple image sensor in one camera and use the multi - image video stitching fusion technology, can achieve wide angle of view (360 degrees), high definition (currently up to 100 million pixels) panoramic view, greatly improve and enhance the visual experience comparing with current single sensor imaging.

With the rise of VR (Virtual Reality) concept and technology, the demand for a panoramic visual experience begins to be rapidly promoted and popularized in consumer and industry markets, and the visual media of film television, webcast, and video sharing (including video and pictures), the demand for 360 degree panoramic video content is getting bigger and bigger. A large number of internet companies, listed companies, investment companies began to develop and invest the panorama, and related products of VR / AR . The dual power of technology and capital will accelerate wide-spread application of the panorama over the next few years.

Panoramic technology has a broad application prospect in VR webcast, VR video sharing, panoramic film shooting, consumer market (panoramic sports DV, panoramic view, panoramic uav aerial camera, driving recorder, etc.), industry market (security, education, medical treatment, remote meetings, etc.) .