Panorama Application

Panoramic Camera in Security Field (2017-08-28)

Huatu panoramic camera application scope in the field of security generally includes public places, industrial monitoring, traffic management, medical facilities, building monitoring, campus, shopping mall and entertainment leisure places, etc.

Huatu panoramic camera includes fisheye panoramic camera and multi-sensor panoramic camera, although the fisheye panoramic camera can monitor a wide range of area, relatively speaking, its focal length is too short, which greatly restricted detection range, for example, human face will be blurred if more than 5 meters distance.

Huatu multi-sensor panoramic camera, mainly adopts high quality industrial lens and advanced algorithm, no image distortion phenomena comparing with fisheye camera , can obtain images under human visual habits , also ensure the overall image of clear and accurate performance after corresponding optimization.

In practical cases, the fisheye panoramic camera is suitable for small space, simple monitoring environment, such as retail stores, small shopping malls, elevators, parking lots and conference rooms etc.   
As for the high-profile installation scenes, such as traffic intersections, convention centers, terminals, transport hubs, port logistics park, etc, due to the inconvenience of multiple surveillance cameras establishment, users need to extract the events of multiple cameras running through the big scene, it's a good choice to use multi-sensor panoramic camera.