40MP Multi-Sensor Panoramic 360°

40MP Multi-Sensor Panoramic 360°


• 40MP 360° panoramic surveillance
• One camera replaces multiple single-sensor cameras
• Seamless stitching technology, no visible gaps
• Sync. exposure control to have a fine tuned image
• Gain real-time situational awareness
• True immersive surveillance experience in real-time&playback

HTPA14-1 Multi-Sensor Panoramic Camera provides 360°field of view, is ideal for the surveillance situations which require to display wide area in single window, create an unique and effective panoramic immersive surveillance experience. Instead of deploying multiple surveillance cameras, it only takes one set panoramic camera to have the entire area covered, which helps users to reduce unnecessary cost on cabling, installation, power consumption.

Multi-Sensor Panoramic Camera is perfect to be adopted in large open spaces such as square, industry park, stadium, exhibition&convention center,airport, seaport, city surveillance etc...

360 Degree Field of View

3D ePTZ Operation